National Seniors Council: Obama Begins Push for New National Retirement System

Obama Begins Push for New National Retirement System A recent hearing sponsored by the Treasury and Labor Departments marked the beginning of the Obama Administration’s effort to nationalize the nation’s pension system and to eliminate private retirement accounts including IRA’s and 401k plans, NSC is warning. The hearing, held in the Labor Department’s main auditorium, […]

The Motley Fool: Will Obama Really Confiscate Your Retirement Savings?

Will Obama Really Confiscate Your Retirement Savings? The budget proposal President recently submitted had several provisions designed to increase government tax revenue. But one provision concerning retirement accounts triggered alarm bells for many Americans, raising fears that the government will confiscate your retirement savings. Immediately, many analysts jumped to the conclusion that the provision might […]

CNN Money: Will the government shrink my 401(k)?

Will the government shrink my 401(k)? I have noticed an uptick this year in the number of people who seem worried that government action of one sort or another might have a negative effect on their 401(k) plans. Many people have also expressed concern that government meddling might somehow restrict participants’ control over their 401(k) […]

Forbes: Watch Out Your 401(k) Is Being Targeted

Watch Out: Your 401(k) Is Being Targeted While attending a terrific symposium recently on the retirement challenges women face, I came away with a stark realization: Washington has a bull’s-eye on every American’s 401(k). Why would Congress and the president target retirement savings plans? Especially when they’re so highly valued by the American public?! The […]

Reuters: The last 401(k) generation?

The last 401(k) generation? Will the baby boomers be the only generation to retire with 401(k) plans? It could happen. Last week many of the nation’s biggest thinkers on retirement got together in a Senate hearing room to discuss the future of pensions and retirement. There were representatives of unions, employers, financial services providers, government […]

The Wall Street Journal: Now He’s After Your 401k

Now He’s After Your 401(k) The White House pulls a switcheroo on retirement savings accounts.! How many times have you read financial-advice stories lecturing you to max-out on your IRA, save as much as you can in your 401(k) Well, be careful how much you save.! That’s the message in President Obama’s budget for fiscal […]

The Washington Times: Is your 401K about to be nationalized?

Is your 401K about to be nationalized The $19.4 trillion sitting in personal retirement accounts like the 401K may be too tempting an apple for a government that is quite broke, both monetarily and morally. The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Richard Cordray recently mentioned these accounts in a recent interview, stating “That’s one […]