Convert your Traditional IRA to a Roth, while you still can!

Roth conversions are becoming more popular each year, as Boomers realize that they may be in the lower tax bracket today than they will be in retirement.  As our government continues to spend, our country’s obligations continue to skyrocket.  Today, our national debt is just shy of $18 TRILLION DOLLARS.  We have more Americans participating in entitlement programs than ever before, and  systems like Social Security and Medicare are at risk of collapse under current law.

Where will the money come from to meet all of these commitments?  Taxes.

If you are like millions of other Americans, concerned about taxes increasing in the future, don’t wait any longer…start doing something about it now.

Recently, the IRS lifted the biggest barrier to converting a traditional IRA to Roth IRA…your income level.  Currently, it doesn’t matter what your annual income is, you can still convert to a Roth.  No one knows how long this option will be available because the IRS could decide to change it at any time.
Wealth Planners of America has a solution, and we’ve already helped hundreds of our clients begin to convert their fully taxable IRA’s into tax-free Roth’s.  This solution is not for everyone, but a Wealth Planner professional can sit down and help determine if it makes sense for you.

The earlier you get started, the better the results, so don’t hesitate another day.