Smooth Slider 2.3 Release with Short Code, Widget

Update: We have released a quick upgrade (version 2.3.2) of Smooth Slider with some fixes for issues reported by different users. Please upgrade to Smooth Slider 2.3.2 which is available on WordPress Plugin Directory.

Smooth Slider, a free WordPress plugin for slideshows has got a major update. We are pleased to announce the 2.3 version of this popular slider plugin which is already downloaded for more than 40,000 times from WordPress plugin directory. To make this plugin more useful and friendly, we have added some awesome features like Widget support, Short Code, Re-ordering facility for posts, Insert advertisement banners in the slider, Capability to add images from Media Gallery to the slider etc. We have also fixed few bugs reported by different users of this plugin.

ChangeLog for Smooth Slider version 2.3

1. New – Smooth Slider Widget
2. New – Smooth Slider Shortcode
3. New – Slides can now be re-ordered thru the ‘Slider Admin Panel’
4. New – Images existing and new images added to WordPress Media Gallery can be added to Smooth Slider along with posts and pages.
5. New – Now images in the slider can be extracted in very intelligent manner. Added support for ‘Post Thumbnails (WP 2.9+)’.
6. New – Videos can be embedded in the slider. Ad can be added to the slider.
7. New – Some slides can be linked to a webpage and others can be without a link as well.
8. New – Multiple settings to the sliders on different pages thru CSS files.
9. Fixed – Scheduled Posts issue
10. Fixed – Image Caption Issue
11. Fixed – Retain HTML tags issue
12. Fixed – Permissions issue (Who can add post/page and slides to the slider and who cannot)

Download and add a good looking slideshow on your WordPress blog to give that a professional look. Most preferred area for slideshow is “on home page” or “in the sidebar” of the blog. Now you can just add Smooth Slider widget in your widget ready template or theme and add posts or pages into the slider.

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  • Hi there.. My wordpress asked me to update the Slide this morning and now I can not get any posts to show up on my slide. they are all marked and none are pulling in… it worked perfect bef. the update.. HELP>.. I need to fix this ASAP

  • Hi,

    I checked the site “” and the slider is working fine over there. If you can share bit more on the issue that you were facing and if you did something to resolve that then please share that. I think, that may help others in that regard.

  • Thanks after I send the message I figured it out, went and deactivated the slider and re-activated it and it worked great now…. LOVE it.. So if anyone else is having this isse, just go to the plugin deactivate and then go right back to activate and it should work, it did on my page,,,

  • I am glad that Smooth Slider is working fine on your site. Thanks for sharing your experience, will share you comment on Internet Techies Forum as well, so that other can get benefited.

  • Help with the upgrade!! I was SO excited to see the custom link field that is now available – and the widget – you’ve done an excellent job with this plugin – I’ve tested nearly all of the available ones in the repository and it is by far the best – and easiest to use.

    BUT – its BROKEN at It was working. I had custom css in the theme stylesheet file that was overriding based on a body class “custom”. I had slider_thumbnails and slider_content selected for each image. We had 6 images in teh slider that were working great. Now – THey’re gone. NOthing I seem to do makes any difference. I’m not sure whats wrong? I’ve deactivated – reactivated the plugin. I’ve re-saved all the pages with the custom fields. what else should I do?

    I’ve posted two questions in the forums yesterday and today but they’re waiting for moderation so they haven’t shown up yet.

    Please help!
    Thank you.

  • Hi Cathy,

    We have initiated (approved and answered) your forum thread. Here is the link for the same,

  • Cathy.. have you deactivated the slider in wordpress adn then re-activated it.. that worked for me and my posts came back in the slider… try that

  • smoothslider is not working after upgrading the last version. I use WordPress 3.01 How come? de-activating and activating again does not work.

  • I upgraded, deactivated and then reactivated the plugin.

    The slideshow finally started showing again when I set the stylesheet to sample.css but it shows with the default settings. It ignores all the settings I make in the plugin settings. If I set the stylesheet to default.css nothing shows other than the navigational numbers.

  • We have just released version 2.3.2 with some fixes, I hope that will fix the issue on your system as well after quick upgrade. Please upgrade to version 2.3.2 and let us know your feedback. Thanks

  • I’m running 2.3.2 – I just upgraded it this morning.

  • Okay. Please post your question on our forum ( where Tejaswini will help you in this regard on ASAP. She is online right now over there, and set and keep the CSS to default.css only for now. She will help you with the issues.
    Thanks for your patience.

  • I have exactly the same problem as Jonathan, very annoying I must say, cause my visitors want to see the highlights on my site

  • Hi,

    After 2.3.2 release, Mr. Jonathan’s problem is resolved. Here is the solution for this problem.
    Let me know in case you face any issue.
    Thanks for your patience.

  • Larry Tartisel

    I noticed in the changelog “6. New – Videos can be embedded in the slider. Ad can be added to the slider.” I have a Vimeo video that i want to embed using the Vimeo URL in the slider. What is the best method of doing this?
    • Do I put the url into the slider_thumbnail custom field?
    • Can the video play from the slider, or does it just link to the video’s page?

    Any tips on this would be helpful.

    Thanks, Larry

  • juancho

    hello, how can i position the next and previous buttons without editing the js files?

  • I have exactly the same problem. Please help. Everythings worked fine before the update! I cannot mark the post for the slider.

  • Please post my question on the forum!? I posted a week ago, but it is stuck in moderation and hasn’t appeared yet in the forum? I need help with using the sliders with the featured image and category slider in teh templates. Thank you!

  • I am still on the old version. I upgraded and had all the problems mention and switch back with my backup. I am still afraid to upgrade to 2.3.2 but I am still in love with Smooth Slider.

  • Smooth Slider 2.3.2 is having no issues at all even in case of upgrade. You may try upgrading to version 2.3.2 which is the latest uploaded by us as it is having so many new features. Thanks for using Smooth Slider, we are glad that you like this plugin.

  • Gary

    Great job with this slider… by far the best… I didn’t see it in the documentation but can I set up the posts to display randomly in the slider? I would like different posts to show up when the page is refreshed.

    Thanks for your good work!