Play Free Online Games on Bing Entertainment

Action, Puzzle, Card, Word like online games are available to play for free on Microsoft’s Bing. As Bing is competing with Google and Yahoo like search engines where you get so many things other than search as well. For example, Google displayed Pac-Man game as doodle where so many people played the famous game on search engine’s home page. Bing is getting so much popularity because of things other than search and one of them is the Bing Entertainment.

Bing Games

Under Entertainment section on Bing, you can find games, music, movies, TV etc. In Games section, lot many playable games are available to play online for free. For example, you can play 8 Ball Champion, Cake Mania 3, Mahjongg Dimensions, Dynasty, Bubble Town, Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife etc. and many more on Bing Online Games.


8 ball champion

You just need to hit the thumbnail of game to start playing that. Game will load on Bing page where you can play the game for unlimited period. We had already shared games playable on Microsoft Excel which is available on most of the Windows computers. This kind of simple online games are very much popular in folks working in IT companies. What are you waiting for? Just go to Bing and select Entertainment from the left panel. If you are not able to find Entertainment, then try changing your country to “United States” and then try the left panel. Now select Games to see all available and popular games which are there to start for free.

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  • Hello,

    i cant open address, it says “That web page doesn’t exist.” isnt it accessible all over the world?


  • Change the country on Bing homepage page from current (for example, India) to United States by clicking on the country name on top-right corner of Bing homepage. Now you can see “Entertainment” in the left panel on Bing home page. Click on that and then click on Games. (Even the link will also start working).

  • Hello. I will like to know from where i can download more free flash games. Please help and thank you very much.

  • michael

    i played BING games a long time and earned a lot of points. I redeemed those prizes at the end of JUNE, i’ve waited patiently for them since. Last week, i inquired about the prizes and after a couple of days, i received a reply that my order has been refused because the technical people have decided i must have used a bot or other automated program.

    that’s completely false! i typed each and every single word into those puzzles and i’m really hacked off about it. i spent hours and hours on these puzzles! so, think twice about it before you spend your time there.