"I'm confident that our advice can mean the difference between a stressful, fear-filled retirement, and a worry-free, enjoyable retirement"

-David Shields President/CEO


If you’ve been contributing to a 401K (or other defined benefit plan) at your place of employment, we applaud you for taking steps towards securing your retirement! Many companies offer a match on a portion of your contributions…which is like FREE MONEY to you.


You may have heard one of our Wealth Planner ads about turning your TAXABLE retirement accounts into a TAX FREE lifetime income stream. There have also been numerous books written recently on this topic.


Roth conversions are becoming more popular each year, as Boomers realize that they may be in the lower tax bracket today than they will be in retirement. As our government continues to spend, our country’s obligations continue to skyrocket.


Most Americans remember Benjamin Franklin for the incredible contributions he made to our country in its early years. As one of our Founding Fathers, his inventions, writings, scientific findings, political actions, charitable acts, and Constitution penmanship have earned him the title of “The First American”.


P4 Estate Planning is Wealth Planners of America’s unique four-step strategy for managing your assets in today’s financial climate. By having a proper plan in place, you will be able to: Prepare a solid foundation for your family’s estate. Protect your assets for today and your family’s future.


If you are considering retirement or are already retired, the last thing you should do is gamble with your nest egg. Our Wealth Planners can show you how to protect your principal from the uncertainty of the market and guarantee an income stream in retirement. We offer exclusive services, information, and free resources to help keep your money safe.


It is our goal to assist you in creating a worry-free and secure retirement. We hope that you find these exclusive free reports informative and helpful.

Wealth Planners of America

At Wealth Planners of America, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” mentality when it comes planning for retirement.  Many advisors try to push their clients into one product to meet all of their retirement goals, but we believe in using many investment and insurance solutions in creating a plan for our clients.  Some are geared towards growth, some safety and others income.  Our approach starts with the proper foundation based on guarantees, and then builds upon that foundation to achieve future goals and maintain a retirement income that addresses risks such as inflation, longevity and potential tax increases. 


If you are considering retirement or are already retired, you need a financial coach with the ability to help you create a true retirement plan.  A true plan gets you from point A to point B, pointing out potential hazards along the way and suggesting detours to avoid them.  Our Wealth Planner advisors can show you how to wisely invest and protect your nest egg from the uncertainty of the markets and guarantee an increasing income stream in retirement. As legally-bound fiduciaries, it is our required responsibility to always act in the best interest of our clients.  We take this very seriously.


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